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Belgian Style Furniture Is The New Shabby Chic

Belgian Style Home Decor is the new Trend

Lately, one design style that has become more prominent is known as the Belgian Style. One simple way to describe the Belgian style is to say that it strikes the perfect balance between the traditional and the contemporary. Upon further investigation, it can be noted that the pieces in the room are more polished than the Shabby Chic style. There is a rusticity to a Belgian-inspired room, and yet is just as beautiful as one that is more refined.

If you are intrigued, and would like to know how to decorate your home—or a room in your home—in the Belgian style, here are some key points to note:

  • Use a neutral color palette
  • Look for woods that are raw and unfinished
  • include pieces that are made of various textures
  • Intersperse antique furniture
  • Look for furniture that uses slipcovers and other loose fabrics
  • Select pieces that contain burnished metals

There is one thing stop keep in mind when selecting pieces to include in your Belgian-style rooms is that the design should have a restrained elegance. You should combine rustic elements with a modern feel to create a simple and clean space that is still somehow cozy and comfortable.

You can begin to do this by selecting colors that are soft and neutral. Colors such as soft browns, taupes and all shades of gray are the perfect palette. You should not include pieces that are bold or bright in color, but should instead create a depth in the room by selecting pieces with a lot of texture.

When hearing the word “texture,” you may wonder what it means to include and vary it with a room. You can do so by decorating a room with a linens, sisal rugs, and weathered or reclaimed woods. When you add Natural fibers such as linen, sisal, and weathered woods add dimension to this style of room. You can add another layer of depth by adding pieces made of burnished metals.

It may feel daunting to decide on the right pieces of furniture to add to your Belgian-inspired room, don’t fret. Look for pieces that have clean and simple lines, and do not have a lot of decorative details. That being said, pieces should not be dull. Look for antique armoires, chairs and benches in raw woods with strong lines and mix them with modern items, such as pieces that combine mixed wood and metal. Be sure that the upholstered pieces you choose are cozy and soft, which can easily be achieved by selecting ones with loose slipcovers and by adding comfy pillows.

Family Room

Belgian Style Family Room Furniture

 Living Room

Belgian Cottage Fire Place

Dining Room

 Belgian Cottage Dining Room Design

Master Bedroom

 Belgian Cottage Style Bedroom Design

Home Office

 Belgian Style Home Office

Guest Bedroom

Belgian Country Style Bedroom Decor


Why You Need a Little Steampunk in Your Life

Steampunk Industrial Loft 6 Light Chandelier - Antique Nickel

“Steampunk” is a style of design that combines historical elements with old-fashioned technological features inspired by science fiction. Trends from steampunk can be found in all different kinds of mainstream furniture concepts.  The details found in these pieces are striking and it’s not really surprising that it’s becoming more and more popular.Steampunk Industrial Wood + Iron Console Table 54"

When looking for pieces that would be considered “steampunk,” look for industrial furniture that is made from iron, with gears and cranks, and other elements of the Victorian aesthetic. One such common item that works well in the steampunk design are tables. By adding a base with a crank, the table takes on not just a striking design, but also one that is also functional—most go up and down depending on your need.

Steampunk Industrial Steel + Wood Crank Dining Table 72"

Steampunk Industrial Steel + Wood Crank Dining Table 72″

Steampunk Industrial Steel + Wood Crank Dining Table 72"

Steampunk Industrial Steel + Wood Crank Dining Table 72″

Steampunk Industrial Wood + Iron Console Table 54"

Steampunk Industrial Wood + Iron Console Table 54″

Since much of the steampunk concept is inspired by writers such as H.G. Wells, it only seems fitting for bookcases and writing desks to be designed in this style. The cranks allow these desks to turn into drafting tables, or that allow you to raise them up so high you won’t need a chair.

Element Industrial Metal Bistro Crank Table 30" - Nickel

Element Industrial Metal Bistro Crank Table 30″ – Nickel

Bethlehem Steampunk Industrial Steel + Wood Floor Mirror

Bethlehem Steampunk Industrial Steel + Wood Floor Mirror

Other inspiration comes from Victorian train stations and their steel structures with elegant and elaborate decorative details, that can be found in light fixtures and other decorative items such as mirrors.

Antiqued Nickel Industrial Bar Cart

Antiqued Nickel Industrial Bar Cart

 Industrial Architect Drafting Table with Attached Seat

Industrial Architect Drafting Table with Attached Seat

How to Choose Furniture for Your Kid’s Room

If you think it’s time to update your child’s bedroom—to finally put away the last remnants of their baby-hood—you may feel overwhelmed as to where to begin. You could start by asking for your child’s input, but if your child is like most, the last thing they’ll want to do is go from store to store looking at furniture. So, before you waste money on furniture that your growing child may not ultimately like, you should ask them, and yourself,
a couple of key questions.

Rosalie Kids Vanity Desk - White

What kind of theme or personality do you want the kid’ room to convey?

There are a lot of furniture options out there, from traditional, to ornate, to completely whimsical, the possibilities can be endless. For your child, the important thing to remember is that the furniture needs to be visually enticing and fun. It should exhibit some aspect of their own personality. This will make them love the furniture more. However, because a child’s taste will change as they grow, be sure that the furniture you choose can grow with them. Many of the pieces in the Zin Home Kids’ line of furniture offer hidden compartments, charging stations, and built-in lighting—all features that a child of any age can use and appreciate.

Soho Kids Desk 54"What size furniture does your child need?

Grayson Modern Kids Twin over Twin Bunk BedThe size of the furniture you select needs to be appropriate for the size of your child. You should think about choosing pieces which can be used as they grow. Most furniture made for children, take the physical size of the piece into consideration. Ideally, your child should be able to easily reach and access their wardrobe, dresser, and bed. For some, you may think that a bunkbed is the ideal choice to maximize space, but you should pay attention to the ladder—how study is it? Is it attached? How wide are the foot rungs? Is your child comfortable climbing a ladder? The Zin Home Kids furniture offer many options when it comes to size of furniture, including dressers of varying sizes, and bunk beds that have full size beds on the bottomSoho Kids Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed, perfect for a growing child.

What kind of storage does your Kid need?

This is probably one of the most important questions because as with most kids, they have a LOT of stuff! Furniture with a lot of storage units is very convenient. Your children’s clothes, toys, and other stuff won’t be scattered all around their room. If space is limited in your child’s room, Zin Home Kids furniture offers under the bed storage options, and hutches that can be added to desks or dressers that won’t take up any additional room.

Soho Kids Bedroom Wardrobe Armoire.Rosalie Kids Twin Size Panel Bed - White

Kids Underbed Storage Unit

Live-Edge Wood Furniture

What is Live Edge Furniture?

Live Edge Bedroom Furniture

Live Edge Bedroom Furniture

You may have heard the term live edge and wondered what this latest trend in furniture design was all about. It’s simple, really. It’s referring to the wood that has been cut into it’s desired thickness, but without cutting them to be symmetrical, smooth, squared-edge boards. By doing so, the natural elements of the wood are left intact, thereby creating an edge that is reminiscent of the tree it once came from.

Honoring the Wood’s Natural Beauty

To some, creating furniture that uses live edges of the wood—with all of its flaws and imperfections—is honoring the wood’s natural beauty. Live-edge furniture has become so popular that you will find it used in a variety of pieces, from coffee tables, to kitchen islands, to dining tables and benches.

Live Edge Dining Room Furniture

Live Edge Dining Room Furniture

Types of Live Edge Furniture

Each live edge piece, by it’s nature, is one-of-a-kind, no two are exactly the same. This is why Zin Home has created a line of faux live-edge furniture, all made from solid wood, but the edges are fabricated to appear as if it was cut just like that directly from the tree. The star of our Live Edge collection is the Live Edge Solid Wood & Iron Dining Table 72”. With its modern industrial base, this table is a true piece of art. To accompany this table, we have a bench, chairs, and even a sideboard.

Live Edge Living Room Furniture

Live Edge Living Room Furniture

Product Care: Reclaimed Wood Furniture

Reclaimed Wood Furniture


People who take care choosing their furniture want to do everything they can to care for the pieces that they choose in order to be able to enjoy them to their full and in order to ensure they last for generations.

We want to help customers keep their furniture looking as beautiful as it did on the day they first fell in love with it.

Most of Zin Home furniture is hand-crafted from reclaimed and recycled woods with unique characteristics. Natural splits and knots, weathering and wear from years of exposure, and mars left from previous use create a rich palette of rustic textures and colors.

The one-of-a-kind character of reclaimed wood is thoughtfully preserved in each design. Crafted with classic joinery, each piece is hand-finished in sophisticated neutral tones to enhance natural patinas as well as protect surfaces for everyday use.

Care for your Reclaimed Wood Furniture

Reclaimed woods are distinctly marked by the environment and the passage of time. Unique features of the wood including small knots, splits, and cracks have been preserved to add rustic character to each piece. By their nature, salvaged woods will respond to changes in temperature and humidity. Maintain yours with these care essentials:

  1. Dust regularly with a clean, dry cloth in the direction of the grain.
  2. Do not use furniture polish, ammonia-based cleaners, or other chemicals.
  3. Address spills immediately by wiping with a dry, soft cloth.
  4. Use coasters, placemats, and trivets to protect surfaces from wet or hot cups or dishes.
  5.  Avoid direct contact between sharp objects and the surface to prevent scratching.
  6. Keep out of direct sunlight.
  7. Always lift and carry, do not drag, when moving furniture.

Reclaimed Wood Furniture

Sojourn—Eclectic French Furniture

It’s sipping good craft beer, listening to Spotify and laughing with friends on a candlelit patio. It’s resting your chin on top of your four-year-old’s head – which smells of grass stains and garden dirt and watermelon juice – while he looks up Ichthyosaurus on your smart phone.  It’s reading a great book, logging a great run, or taking a great nap. Because sometimes you just want to hit the pause button on the hustle and bustle of everyday life and get away.

Sojourn Furniture Collection invites you to linger in a world apart without leaving home.  Inspired by beloved English, French, and Swedish antiques in tranquil, timeless finishes, it combines familiar forms with fresh tactile details.  Crafted of birch veneers in a lightly distressed Summer White, Sojourn features a soft Grey Lake accent finish on select pieces.  A scattering of others feature metal, and a couple of table tops have tops with interlacing fancy-face pecky pecan, cherry, and maple veneers in a casual, low sheen pecan.  Design details include such as dentil moldings, stylized bun feet, and reeded drawer fronts, as well as touches of gray linen, honed bluestone, and metal accents. Oil-rubbed antique brass ring pulls on round back plates and simple round knobs complement Sojourn’s understated finesse.

Sojourn.  It’s a peaceful morning spent gliding across a glassy lake on a stand-up paddle-board.  It’s a family game of Bananagrams during an afternoon thunderstorm.  Restful in spirit, Sojourn is both relaxes and refined.  Simple silhouettes enhanced with beautiful details will remain relevant for decades to come.  It’s life’s respite – whatever that means for you.

Universal Sojourn Respite Bed Queen

Universal Sojourn King Bed

Universal Sojourn French Country White 9 Drawer Dresser

Universal Sojourn Gathering Table

Universal Sojourn Wardrobe

Universal Sojourn Serving Credenza

Universal Sojourn Hall Chest



White is the New Black

White On!!!

As people’s lives are becoming increasingly busy, and cluttered by technology, people are looking for ways to simplify their environments. One way that this is occurring is with choosing the simplest of colors for their furniture: white. White suggests a clean, open and breezy space, even when a room is limited in size. White furniture is popping up everywhere and for every room, from sofas and sectionals, bed frames to dresser, to accent chairs, to dining tables and sideboards. You’ll even find white beds are becoming ever more popular.

It’s not just the serene simplicity that is created by featuring white furniture in your home, it’s that you can use bold pops of color to show your personality while still keeping the overall look of the room simple. In most rooms, when displaying your favorite collection or artwork, but using white as a backdrop, each piece is highlighted rather than being overshadowed by larger furniture.

One of the best things about white furniture is that is that they work with everything, and instantly brighten up your space. If your concerned that the whites you choose must all be the same exact tone, don’t. Most spaces work well when you blend a variety of white, especially by using different textures. You might choose a white sofa, that has clean lines, and simple tufting, and pair it with a creamy-white leather accent chair. By choosing white furniture, you can make other decorative changes to your room, such a going with a different wall color, without having to spend money on replacing your furnishings.

Whatever pieces you choose, know that you can’t go wrong with white.

Amity French Oak Upholstered Queen Panel Bed - White

Amity French Oak Wood 6 Drawer Dresser - White

Beach Cottage White Bedroom Set

White Bedroom Furniture

White Dining Room Furniture

White Round Kitchen Table

White Living Room Furniture

Dining Room Sideboards & Buffet Decor

As you’re looking to design your dining room, you will most likely determine that you need a sideboard or buffet to complete the overall look and functionality of the room. You may think that a sideboard is something you might find in a less modern dining room, maybe its something you have seen in your grandmother’s dining room. However, that doesn’t need to be the case. All dining rooms benefit from the addition of some storage furniture that works well with the overall functionality of the room. Sideboards are also a perfect way to store your dinnerware and cutlery, as well as other essential items, such as table cloths, serving bowls, napkins and glassware.

But just because you have now decided that you need a sideboard, it doesn’t mean that you have to go for a traditional piece of furniture. Today, there are sideboards that can fit any style dining room, as well as any size space. You should note, when selecting a sideboard, it doesn’t need to be the dominant item of furniture in your modern dining room—reserve that for your dining table and chairs. That being said, sideboards do not need to be a bland piece of furniture. Your best bet is to look for one that has simple and clean lines.

Before selecting your sideboard, you should make sure you know the actual dimensions that would work in your space. You can do this by marking off the floor using painters tape, taking into consideration the placement of your dining table and chairs, especially when the chairs are pulled out. When planning your dining space, even if you have an open floor plan, it doesn’t mean that your dining area can’t have a sideboard. In fact, a sideboard that is properly backed can make a great room divider, often breaking up the space between the dining area and the other parts of your home.

Whatever style of sideboard that you choose whether a modern sideboard or a reclaimed wood buffet, just know that it will quickly become a key, useful, element in your dining room.

Zin Home Sideboard buffet tables are available in premium styles such as beach cottage, modern, industrial, traditional, transitional, french country, farmhouse, and rustic. Our FSC-certified furniture helps support forest conservation. Most of our dining room storage furniture, like the Bina Collection or Angora Collection, are made from reclaimed wood certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. Reclaimed means that 100% of the wood used in making our solid wood sideboard and buffets are recycled from old products, shipping pallets and old buildings. Also, our FSC certified sideboard buffet tables have decorative metal hardware such as nickel handles and other elegant features like flared or tapered legs.

Industrial Aged Black Metal Sideboard

Like a favorite flea-market find, our Aged Black Media Cabinet is embellished with iron and glass details resemble libraries of the 1940’s, provide smart and stylish organization for any room. Crafted of blackened aged metal panels and glass doors. This industrial style sideboard with 4 glass doors and fixed two shelves provide smart storage solution for storing cable boxes, DVDs and other electronics.

Industrial Buffet Sideboard

Contemporary Playlist 3 Door Sideboard Buffet

Vintage inspired Playlist Vintage Oak 3 Door Sideboard Buffet is the perfect combination of consonance and creativity. This luxurious dining room buffet comprises classic transitional silhouettes that also can play a contemporary tune. Crafted of quarter-sawn oak wood with solid Walnut wood inlay and lightly wire brushed Brown Eyed Girl finish and decorative grilles with After Midnight accent finished door panels. The Playlist Sideboards feature heirloom-quality construction, two felt lined tray drawers with silverware tray insert, vertical platter storage and tapered legs with metal ferrules.

Contemporary Buffet Table

Vaughn Oak Wood Sideboard with Mirrored Doors

Fearlessly mixing materials in a room created a found feel, in which each object offers a unique history, perhaps an adventure, to pull a room together. tell a story, and spark a conversation. Textural oak with a soft hand and smooth touch mixes antiqued mirror, iron framing and touch-open doors that skip handles in a favor of clean design.
Mirrored Buffet Sideboard

Van Thiel The it Takes An Hour Sideboard 8 Doors

The incredible Van Thiel & Co. The it Takes An Hour Sideboard with 8 Doors is meticulously hand-crafted from solid pine wood. Every item in Van Thiel & Co. furniture collection is done by hand. Bench-made by local carpenters, the love of quality craftsmanship is evident down to the tiniest detail. Hand distressed edges. Hand painted details. Hand applied patinas. Each nail is put into place at an artisan’s pace. The result is an incredible line of exquisite European antique reproductions that exude an unmatched authenticity and spirit.

Vintage Blue Buffet Sideboard

Couric Rustic Wood 4 Door Sideboard

Fearlessly mixing materials in a room created a found feel, in which each object offers a unique history, perhaps an adventure, to pull a room together. tell a story, and spark a conversation. Geometric and flat-stock underpinnings feel ahead of the curve. Heavily distressed, reclaimed wood contrasts with smooth, splayed Roble wood legs and touch-open doors that skip handles in a favor of clean design. Modern lines and ample storage make our Couric Rustic Wood 4 Door Sideboard a beautiful addition to a dining room or kitchen.

dining room buffet decor

Parsons Reclaimed Wood Sideboard Buffet – Grey

Parsons Solid Reclaimed Wood Buffet Sideboard is inspired by a time when wood furniture was joined to perfect by carpenters and cabinet makers who created pieces without screws, staples, etc. Our artisans have managed to recreate this effect in each piece of the bench-built collection, which is crafted of recycled and reclaimed wood with hand-cast hardware. This Parsons style Buffet Cabinet will add much needed storage to any dining room or kitchen. With five drawers and two doors, it will hold china, linens, serving pieces. The Sideboard could also make a great addition to a living room.

Reclaimed Wood Buffet Table

Farmhouse Style Rustic Wood Buffet Sideboard

Elegant, Refined and Reclaimed. The trestle-style Angora Buffet Sideboard is handmade from reclaimed solid old phone poles, old boats and shipping pallets. Angora exposes the knots and natural imperfections that make each unique and  subtly one of a kind. Classic lines and ample storage make this Sideboard a beautiful addition to a dining room or kitchen.

Farmhouse Buffet Sideboard

French Country: Louis Philippe Bedroom Furniture

Pennsylvania House New Lou Collection

With an attention on the unmistakable excellence and profundity of strong wood, New Lou restores and invigorates time-honored Louis Philippe furniture styling. Arguably the best selling style in traditional furniture during the last 15 years, Louis Philippe’s unadorned classic lines and gentle curves are universally appealing. New Lou borrows the best of Louis Philippe and makes it relevant for today’s younger consumers.

In 19th century France when Louis Philippe took the throne, he ushered in a new style of leadership. His chosen title, “King of the French,” rather than “King of France,” signaled a marked departure from the monarchs of the past. The citizen king assumed power not as a ruler of place but as a leader of the people. Thus, the style of furniture known by his name is a look of understated luxury for those who revere heritage yet crave simplicity.  This is a style that Gen X and Y can appreciate.

New Lou reinvents Louis Philippe styling. Crafted of solid alder in a lightly distressed, distinctly brown finish, New Lou Furniture collection juxtaposes graceful lines with modern sensibility and a casual attitude. Signature Louis Philippe molding gets a modern makeover that is strikingly updated yet clearly recognizable. Cast iron accents add a touch of drama to beautiful solid alder, while antiqued bronze ring hardware is comfortably familiar.

New Lou also is packed with the ingenious functionality that younger consumers demand. Look for hidden drawers and slide-out compartments for jewelry, valuables, as well as drop-down drawers for technology and baskets for storage.

Exquisitely crafted and timelessly styled, New Lou promises to reign for today’s younger generations, now and for years to come.

Louis Philippe Bedroom Set

Reviving the 19th century traditional Louis Philippe Bedroom furniture designs with modern sensibility. The Louis Philippe Sleigh Bed is exquisitely crafted of solid alder wood in a lightly distressed, distinctly Cognac finish. Evoking the architectural classicism with its classic lines and gentle curves, our French Country style solid wood sleigh bedroom set invites you to lay back and relax in its tranquility. With its marvelous moldings, gracefully curved headboard and intricate carvings, this Louis Philippe Bedroom Set will be the focal point in your bedroom.

louis philippe bedroom set

Louis Philippe Dresser

Evoking the architectural classicism with its classic lines and gentle curves, our French Country style solid wood double dresser is built to last. Featuring English dovetail construction, Cedar drawer bottoms, a drop front with full extension metal guides for electronics, antique metal drawer pulls and felt inlined hidden storage drawers for jewelry and valuables. This Louis Philippe dresser will complete your French Bedroom Decor.

louis philippe dresser

Louis Philippe Bombe Chest of Drawers

French Country style solid wood chest of drawers is built to last. Featuring English dovetail construction, antique metal drawer pulls, hand-carved moldings, decorative details and Lift lid with power outlet charging station. This Bombe-style Bedside Chest will complete your French Bedroom Decor.

louis philippe bombe chest


Louis Philippe Armoire Cabinet

Our French Country style solid wood tall cabinet is built to last. Featuring English dovetail construction, two beveled glass doors, two deep tray drawers, adjustable shelves, cedar bottom in bottom tray drawer, French style full-length crémone casement locks and can light. This wardrobe cabinet will complete your French Bedroom Decor.

louis philippe armoire


Louis Philippe Gentleman’s Chest

French Country style solid wood dressing chest is built to last. Featuring two doors with adjustable shelf and two tray drawers behind, three large drawers, pull-out valet hangers, antique metal drawer pulls and felt inlined hidden storage drawers for jewelry and valuables. This Gentlemans chest of drawers will complete your you Bedroom Decor.

Louis Philippe Gentleman's  Chest



How to Pick Out the Perfect Coffee Table

When looking for the right coffee table, you have to take a few things into consideration. If the placements of your other pieces of furniture are already in place, you should already have a good idea what size table you need. You may just want to ask yourself whether you want the coffee table to be a central piece in your living space, or is it mainly for access from your sofa. When measuring the space, it’s always a good idea to use painters tape to mark out the intended area. Be sure to keep enough space in between the furniture and the coffee table to allow for easy movement without banging your shins.

The good thing about cocktail tables is that they come in a large assortment of sizes and materials, all of which can help you make the perfect choice. It can also make selecting the right one to feel a bit daunting.

The first thing to consider is the size. If the area is large, you can look for an over-sized coffee table to fill the space. They might be nearly as long as your couch, but thinner—if that’s what the space requires. Or, you can find one that is both long and deep, and it will become one of the focal points of the room. But, if you do have a larger space to fill, but you don’t like the look of a very large coffee table, you can think about using two matching tables—leaving some space in between—to break up the space.

Another thing to consider is the material being used. Coffee tables come in wood, metal, glass, reclaimed wood, concrete, iron, as well as many other materials. If you select a solid wood coffee table, you may want to think about whether you would like it to have other functions, such as for storing things in drawers, or in baskets underneath.

You may prefer a glass coffee table, however, as it is functional and yet visually doesn’t overwhelm a room. It can also be a good choice if you have a beautiful rug that you don’t want to block with a solid coffee table.

Whatever coffee table you choose for your home, adding something new and interesting to the space, will make your home feel all the more put together.

Glass Top Coffee Tables

Glass Top Coffee Tables

Solid Wood Coffee Tables

Wesson Reclaimed Oak Wood Coffee Table

Reclaimed Wood Round Coffee Table

Ryan Round Coffee Table 48"

Metal Coffee Tables