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ASD and Insomnia: Banishing Bedtime Battles

Children with autism often have difficulties winding down for the evening. In fact, sleep struggles are one of the most common complaints among families with children on the spectrum. But, it is entirely possible to help your child get the sleep they need, and on a schedule that works for your family. Here are a few things to consider to help set your child up for sleep success.

Safety comes first

According to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, approximately half of all children with autism will wander from home. This is a real fear, especially during the overnight hours when they are left to their own devices. While some may seek solace in an enclosed space, such as a playhouse or family vehicle, others may travel further from home and face dangers such as lakes, traffic, and wooded areas. Consider adding a baby gate to your child’s bedroom door along with an alarm that gives off an audible signal if any exterior door or window is disturbed overnight. If your child has a history of leaving unsupervised, a home surveillance camera can provide you with valuable information, such as when they left and in which direction. Watchdog Reviews offers information on what to look for in a home security camera and makes recommendations on trusted models here.

Noise is a real issue

For people with autism, seemingly insignificant noises can be bothersome. For example, a barking dog or cars driving along a nearby road can become intolerable. There are things you can do to stop outside noise from becoming an overnight interference. Thick curtains, heavy carpet, and a white noise machine can drown out audible sounds. Some sleep experts further recommend sealing any gaps and cracks around the windows to reduce noise intrusion.

Calm is key

The autistic mind interprets information differently. Processing stimuli may be difficult or uncomfortable. Many children with autism find they feel more secure throughout the night when sleeping in a mummy-style sleeping bag or under a weighted blanket as opposed to a standard comforter or bed set. Other ways to create a calming sleep environment include using soothing colors, such as grays or blues on the wall. Elle Decor also suggests eliminating technology in the bedroom. Invest in a mattress that fits your child’s sleep style and remove as much clutter from the room as possible. All of this will create a soothing environment where they can get comfortable in a way that makes sense to them.

Temperature plays a part

Many children with autism have a co-occurring sensory processing disorder that makes it difficult to maintain their personal comfort in what most would consider a “comfortable” temperature. If you notice your child leans toward too cool or too warm, you might consider adding a personal heating and cooling system to their bedroom. A ductless mini split unit, like these from The Home Depot, usually costs less than $1,000 but offers the most control for an individual area.

The bedtime routine is as important as the bedroom

Setting up your child’s bedroom is just part of the sleep solution. You also need to pay attention to their nighttime routine. The sleep/wake timetable should remain the same every day —  no extra up time on the weekends. Their bedtime schedule may include a warm bath followed by a towel rubdown, a snack (no sugar, corn, or artificial ingredients), and reading a book together. When combined with a calming bedroom environment, having a predictable series of events can make sleep come more easily.

Your child’s sleeping environment and their bedtime habits have the biggest impact on their ability to rest and rejuvenate. Small changes such as eliminating noise and swapping from a comforter to a sleeping bag can have a big difference. But remember, ensuring their safety is your number one priority and will help you and your child sleep more soundly.


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3 Decor Tips for a Family Home

Designing a home is an entirely personal experience. It’s left to you to decide how you want it to look and feel, so in that respect, you’re a designer in your own right. Many factors will determine your approach to designing your home, such as the size of your space, the location, and your personal taste. When it comes to a family home especially, there are specific details that you may need to pay attention to, taking into consideration the number of people that will be living there and different needs of such individuals.With that in mind, below are three top design tips you could use in your family home.

1. Choose Upholstery That’s Easy to Clean

When you have a family home, it’s likely that a number of people will inhabit it. Even if you don’t have several kids and grand kids filling your house, you may have extended family and visitors coming around often.In light of this, you want to choose upholstery that’s easy to clean in case of spills, stains,and accidents.

When choosing upholstery, it’s worth thinking about the fabric durability first and foremost. You then need to think about the dynamic of your family, such as whether you have young kids that are likely to smother chocolate all over your furniture or if you have dogs that could rip through the material. On those premises, you probably want to go with something that’s easy to wash, fade resistant, lint-free and doesn’t attract dust.

2. Buy Quality Pieces

In line with the points above, it’s critical that you buy quality pieces when decorating a family home. You want to purchase items that will last and avoid the cheaper pieces that you’re going to have to keep on replacing. In order to do this, take your time when shopping for items and avoid impulse buys. You can check furnishing and décor stores like Zin Home as they sell both timeless and quality décor pieces. Specific items that you should be focusing on are sofas, dining chairs, and throw pillows as they tend to be used often. You should also buy quality beds as that’s where you’ll be sleeping a lot of the time.

3. Add a Personal Touch

A family home should have a certain feel which embodies who that family is and what they value. This can be emulated in the pieces you choose and your overall décor. You can add a personal touch to the décor by selecting colors that you love,and those which mean something to you.Although color schemes and sticking to palettes is recommended, remember it’s about creating your own theme and expressing yourself through your décor. On that note, choose colors that reflect your family’s personality. Also, why not choose wall art that the whole family can connect with as a way of making a bold statement?

Designing a family home can be exciting as it’s a space you share with your loved ones. The goal should be to take an empty space and make it feel like home by filling it with things that remind you of special moments, places, and people.
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Industrial Farmhouse Decor

Industrial Farmhouse Home Decor

The words “Industrial Farmhouse” should conjure up the image of a rustic space with an edge. It will be an inviting space with lots of wood, metal, and an ever-present white. But don’t ever think of it as cold—it’s a warm space that uses color sparingly and smartly.

You don’t have to live in an actual farmhouse to create the look and feel of this design, nor do you have to cover your walls with wood-siding or do away with your favorite pieces of art. The Industrial Farmhouse look combines the best of both styles with the casual rustic nature of the farmhouse with the modern, sleek elements of the industrial. Then ,when your own personal touches of color are thrown in, the room is transformed.

How to Transform Your Space

Find the right pieces.

You still need to go with your own needs, and taste for the space. Not all rustic or “farmhouse” pieces will be right for your space. Look for different materials, different woods, and pieces that might have a combination of wood and metal—pieces that already marry of the two designs. Also look for pieces that have been whitewashed, as these have the rustic charm without the heaviness of too much wood. Then, add some metal—you can do this subtly through the light fixtures you choose, or more boldly by finding a coffee table made out of repurposed metal.

Add traditional charm.

In order to not go too industrial, add some traditional elements that can be found in patterns and colors of fabric choices. Find colors that offset the wood, metal, and white, and don’t be afraid to mix and match patterns.


What really makes a space yours, is your own personal history, as well as items from our shared history, like a wooden pew from an old church, or corrugated metal watering can converted into a place for flowers. Find those pieces that speak to you, that tell a little bit about your history, and then use them to tie the space together

Industrial Farmhouse Kitchen

Industrial Farmhouse Dining Room Decor

Industrial Farmhouse Dining Room

Industrial Farmhouse Dining Table

Industrial Farmhouse Bedroom

Industrial Farmhouse Bedroom

Industrial Farmhouse Living Room

Industrial Farmhouse Living Room

Your Sectional Sofa Should be Modular!

Lounge Love Affairs: Why Your New Sofa Should be Modular

If you’re the cleaner in the household, chances are you’ve bemoaned the state of the sofa before or cursed its bulk as you attempted to scoot it to the side to sweep underneath. If you’re not the cleaning sort, it’s a central place of zen that hides your forgotten crumbs and change. Regardless of age or personality type, the sofa is a central meeting place where families come together. However, finding the right one is no walk in the park. We’re here to make the decision simple for you.

Because what you need, no matter your situation, is a new sectional sofa. But not just any kind of sofa. My friends, it’s time to go modular. Here, we’ll explain why everyone is buying a sectional sofa and why you should, too.

What is a Modular Sectional?

Modular sofas are better known as sectionals. They’re made of several different parts which can be taken apart and rearranged for different effects. You can make a couch into a love seat or a love seat into two or three chairs. You can make different shapes to suit the area or change corner options. They come with an abundance of advantages.

Why Your New Sofa Should Be Modular Sectional

We’re going to make the decision easy for you because when it comes to a sectional or a sofa (you know, the regular, old kind) the sectional will win an audience’s favor almost every time.

Here’s why.


The greatest advantage of a wrap-around sofa is its versatility. You can take it apart to suit any occasion so that it fits your decor perfectly. Expecting the monster-in-laws? Separate it into multiple chairs. Are the kids getting together for Christmas? Smash it together into an endlessly long couch and chuckle as they pick on each other. Designer Nicole Lanteri says of sectionals, “If you buy furniture that works with you, that you can adjust to suit different occasions, like movie nights or parties, you can do a lot more with a little space.”

Family size

We all know “one is the loneliest number” that we’ll ever do and that “two can be as bad as one.” But with a sectional, family size doesn’t matter. Whether it’s the lonely one or eight romping kids, you’re covered. Why? Because it’s up to you how many “pieces” you would like for your modular. It can be short. It can be long. And you all won’t be so squished together during your late night movie you end up resenting each and every one of your family members by the end.

This plain fact is one of the reasons sales for sectionals are up. Senior buyer Michelle Enders says, “They make a lot of sense. They maximize your seating area, and in the larger great rooms, they help to break the room up.” That leads us to our next benefit.

Interior Decorating

You have a lot more flexibility with a modular than a regular sofa. You can move furniture on a dime, rearrange rooms completely or go for a specific type of look. Sectionals are great for the urban loft appearance. They’re so popular in this arena that Architectural Digest made an entire listicle describing 21 sectional sofas that “make” a room.

Variety of Sizes

You don’t have to buy a monstrosity or get sucked into plush, cushiony depths, never to be seen again. This furniture can be made for smaller housing, too. Smaller sized sectionals are a thing (if they weren’t, practically all New Yorkers would be out of luck). So regardless if you’re living in a studio apartment or in a mansion, these sofas will do what they do best: look splendid and feel even better than they look on the tush.


Speaking of the tush. What’s a sofa without any plush support? A modular couch comes in a variety of soft, pillowy goodness, just like any other new (and well-picked) couch. But unlike other sofas, these have the added bonus of creating sofa beds, chaises or love seats with their many parts.

So your tush gets whatever it wants for the night, and with minimal effort. One sectional advocate said, “One of my favorite little joys is to push the ottoman into the ‘L’ formed by the chaise on my leather sofa, create a double bed-like area, and snuggle up on it to watch TV with my boyfriend.”

Netflix and popcorn, please!

Space Saver

Believe it or not, these are also great for saving space and giving the appearance of divided sections. “individual sectional sofa pieces create a sense of a room and enclosure without ‘eating space’ in this apartment as successfully as it did in my last,” said one consumer. Sectionals work with space to divvy it up, creating a room within a room.


How many times have you had to lug your old sectional couch in and out of a new apartment or house? How’d your back feel afterwards? All of that disappears with a satisfying poof if you purchase a modular sectional. Since it breaks into multiple parts, it’s easy to lift and maneuver.

Less Costly Replacements

Kids and pets have a way of making something brand-spanking new look decades old within months. With a sectional, you won’t have to pay to get the entire sofa fixed or replaced. You only have to pay for a small part.


Nowadays, these lounge love affairs are made with those little rascals in mind. If the kiddie juice is spilled on the fabric, it beads. If someone (we’re looking at you, household cat and dog) has an accident on a cushion, the odor won’t linger. More and more often, these benefits are one of the many you’ll experience.

Happy Bottoms

It’s time to put the couch with the painful backing and black-hole sag behind you. It’s time for a new sofa. If you’re new to the sectional world, we recommend the Westworld four-piece lounge set. It’s sure to make not just your bottom happy, but your tootsies and spine and, well, basically every part of you happy, too. So whether you’re the house cleaning type or the couch potato, consider modular sectional couches. Designer Liz Levin puts it perfectly: “Whatever your hesitations are, get over them. Especially if you’re in a small space, it’s probably exactly the solution you’re looking for.”

Thanks, Liz. We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

We’d like to introduce our most popular sectionals sofas that are modular, crafted and designed Kids, Families and Pets in mind!

Westworld Modern Modular Lounge Sectional Sofas

Lounge in ultimate comfort on this fabulous deep-seat modular sectionals. This best selling modular sectional sofa, made up of individual sectional sofa pieces, features super-deep, low seats and super-soft back cushions that invite family to pile on and sink in.

Bloor Contemporary Sectional Couches

Home is where the comfort is. Clean lines and softened edges add a welcoming presence to a range of rooms. Introducing sectionals scaled for smaller spaces, modular pieces that allow customization that make living with furnishings as easy as looking at them.

Bloor Sectional

Grant Modern Modular Sectional Sofas

Flexible style and luxurious comfort in chic, family-friendly upholstery. Welcome to the modern lounging essential. Simplified armless lounging sectional sofa is upholstered in soft, durable, stain-resistant Performance fabric in an invitingly nice color options. With the Grant Armless Sectional Sofas you can create a sectional of your choice whether a L-Shaped Sectional or an U-Shaped Sofa

Modular Sectional Couches

Grammercy 2 Piece Sectional Sofas

Flexible style, luxurious comfort, and family-friendly upholstery. Clean, simple lines and a black iron base keep everything casual and chic. Grammercy Sectionals are available in beige and gray colors.

Grammercy Sectional

Langham Channel Tufted Modular Sectionals

Wide, low-slung and luxurious, our Langham Channel Tufted Modular Sectional offers a modish Italian silhouette that’s both versatile and livable. Wide, vertical channeling brings a textural sense to gray hue sandstone-colored durable upholstery. Add to this modular couch system individually available coordinating pieces to create the ideal modular sectional couches combination for any space. Whether you live in a four-bedroom house, or a one-room city apartment this retro modern modular sectional sofa will fit right in.sectional couch individual pieces

Who is Furniture Designer Thomas Bina

What You Need to Know About Designer Thomas Bina

Who is Furniture Designer Thomas Bina?

Los Angeles furniture designer Thomas Bina, mixes North American black walnut, Brazilian Peroba Wood, Chilean Guanacaste and white oak with other reclaimed exotic hardwoods. “My passion is sourcing hard-to-find materials,” said Mr. Bina, who traveled to Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay to find woods like louro preto, angelim, jatobá, roxinho, canafistula and imbuia — most of them salvaged from demolished “derelict buildings, old coffee factories and telephone poles.”

“The Material of wood itself gives me an amazing amount of creative ideas. I focus on using reclaimed wood in my designs and the wood I use has the most incredible characters and textures” says Thomas Bina.

Eco-Conscious Furniture Design

You are a responsible homeowner, which means you take the decoration of your interior and exterior seriously. You know that it is important to make a good impression on any visitors to your home. Sometimes, though, it can seem like there is an overwhelming number of design styles and options available to choose from. How do you know what kind of style speaks directly to your personality?

In the modern day, interior design has become a highly popular industry. In fact, the interior design industry generates over $10 billion every year. Clearly, you are not alone in wanting your home to look stylish. Perhaps you have heard of the furniture designer Thomas Bina, but perhaps you have not. Either way, this article will detail everything you need to know about the quality and style of the furniture this popular designer makes.

The Importance of High-Quality Interior Design

Every time someone new enters your home, they will analyze the space whether they realize it or not. The atmosphere of a room can truly affect everyone’s social interactions. It’s important that you invest in high-quality living spaces to suit the ambiance of your home and family. Designing a room starts with the walls, floor, and ceiling. You need to make sure all of these reflect the true nature of the room style you are going for. Do you want to present a rustic, modern, classic, or even jungle-like feel in your living space?

Knowing what kind of decor speaks to you is a great start for designing the perfect interior. Do plenty of research to make sure you are ready to find the furniture to fill the space properly.

Why the Kind of Furniture You Buy Does Matter

Showing off your eye for design is only one reason to heavily consider what kind of furniture to buy. There are other things you should think about to make a smart purchase with every furniture piece. Have you thought about whether or not the materials of your favorite items of furniture were ethically sourced? In other words, is there a way to make the buying of furniture more sustainable?

Eco-friendly furniture materials are becoming more and more popular in modern times. Fortunately, Thomas Bina focuses on only using materials that are ethical when he designs another piece. Not only will you be reducing your carbon footprint with his furniture pieces, but this fact also makes a great talking point. When guests to your home question a piece of Thomas Bina’s furniture, you are given a chance to spread the eco-friendly intentions that Thomas Bina, and perhaps yourself, truly cherish.

Buying furniture is more than just considering a price tag and a brand name. Make sure you make smart and ethical decisions when designing your living spaces. Sales of furniture within the United States generate more than $111 billion every year. It is obvious that some furniture designers (unlike Thomas Bina) care more about their bottom line than the ethical sourcing of materials.

A Modern Style with a Recycled Twist

You might be wondering what exactly Thomas Bina‘s furniture pieces look like. The good news is that even if they are made from recycled materials, they are surprisingly sleek and stylish. What does it mean when someone describes a style as “modern”? Well, modern design has proven to be a simplistic style. Modern artists, including furniture designers, focus on lines and utility over fluff and strong impressions.

For example, Thomas Bina’s coffee tables are pretty simple in design. For him, there is no need for ornate patterns to carve into a table top. A table is simply a flat service with structural legs to hold it up. Perhaps you appreciate the modern style, but you find it to be somewhat boring on its own. That’s okay because you can always combine more than one style for your living spaces. Consider this article that details exactly how you can work toward combing a modern and more traditional aesthetic within your home.

What Makes Thomas Bina Stand Out

Each item of Thomas Bina’s furniture collection is unique. You will never have to worry about buying the same piece as your neighbor in that regard. Thomas Bina is an expert at using recycled materials to create bold, elegant pieces. From beds to couches, to tables, to shelves, Thomas Bina has made a name for himself as a guru of combing the modern style with a somewhat old-fashioned material.

You can find Thomas Bina items of furniture all over the Internet because designer brands are really starting to take proper notice of him. He seems to be one of the modern pioneers who is re-shaping the interior design industry. Gone are the days when designers simple source the most expensive materials they can find. Thomas Bina instead prefers to work with materials that would otherwise be thrown out. Clearly, the ethical standards behind his designs have truly made a positive reputation for him as a furniture designer.

By the way, he makes every item of furniture by hand! Clearly, Thomas Bina takes the occupation of creating furniture pieces as an important activity.

Eco-Friendly Materials in the Modern Age

So, where does Thomas Bina source his eco-friendly materials? Well, that depends. For example, Thomas Bina has created some very beautiful tables from flooring that was over a hundred years old. A lot of times, these materials simply get thrown away when owners are hoping to replace them with a new material. Instead of wasting such a valuable commodity, Thomas Bina reclaims these woods and shapes a beautiful new piece. That is how he combines ethically sourced materials with his modern sense of design style. He has no limits to what kind of materials he is willing to refurbish, as long as he is sure that they are durable and elegant.

Design Your Perfect Living Space

You deserve to have the perfect living spaces in your home, so don’t be afraid to fully invest in a proper design style. Furniture by Thomas Bina would bring together all kinds of design styles, so do your research to find the best piece of his that stands out to you.

We know how important interior design is to you. We want to help you with your perfect living space, so check out these design and decor ideas today.

Thomas Bina Dining Room Furniture

Thomas Bina Dining Tables

Thomas Bina Sideboards

Thomas Bina Tables

Thomas Bina Living Room Furniture

Thomas Bina Living Room Furniture

Thomas Bina Media Consoles

Thomas Bina Bedroom Furniture

Thomas Bina Beds

Thomas Bina Bed Frames

Thomas Bina Bedroom Furniture


Thomas Bina Desks

Thomas Bina Furniture Desk

Mix & Match Furniture Styles: Modern + Traditional

Combining Furniture Styles: How to Mix Modern & Traditional Furniture


There’s a lot to love about the old-fashioned, one-of-a-kind furniture styles that are so popular among the crowd of Pinterest fans today. But, the splashy, modern interior designs bring another dimension to home decorating that we adore just as well. If you are like us, streamlining your home’s decor to match one unified time period seems near impossible. We can’t bear the thought of throwing out our beloved, unique, vintage flea market finds. And, we don’t want to live without the clean lines and sleek function of today’s current trends.

So, what do you do with furniture styles that don’t fall under a single decade? Never fear. You don’t have to do away with your most-loved mix-matched pieces to create a stylish home decorating style. Read on to find out how to mix traditional and contemporary interior designs to create looks you’re sure to love!

Present-Day Style Reigns With Simple Affordability, Sleek Lines, and Bold Colors

Modern-day home decorators are familiar with the effortless simplicity modeled by big-name furniture brands on the market. The popular design trends have managed to win the hearts of both everyday housewives and world-renowned interior decorators.Although today’s contemporary designs have made it cool to pare down, they don’t skimp on style. Every season holds bold color hues and newly released quality collections that are as functional as they are fashionable.

Eco-friendly materials and luxurious brass top modern-day most-wanted lists. The proud display of creativity by today’s trending furniture styles make it easy to add to your home’s personalized look.

Beloved antiques and scattered flea-market favorites mesh easily with their wise but fearless furniture.

Vintage-Chic Styles are an Invitation to Enjoy Being at Home

Modern, simple pieces that are as functional as they are svelte give your home a punch of confidence. But, without throwing in a few of yesteryear’s favorites, your castle is a lot less inviting. Whether it’s your old iron front porch glider, the secondhand secretary, or your grandfather’s rocking chair, there are some furniture pieces that just seem to welcome you home after a long day. Old bones make good places to land for a glass of iced tea or a few chapters out of your favorite book. And, the timeless beauty and classic design of well-made furniture only get better with age.

No need to force yourself to part with your old favorites. If you incorporate strategies that bring out your furniture’s common features, the mix of old and new make a great team.

Try pairing pieces of similar color schemes to produce just the right amount of “go-together”. But, don’t be afraid to use contrasting patterns and fabric textures when designing a room’s layout. These unique qualities can make a room more interesting and break up the monotony.

How to Add Flavor and Bring Designs Together

When you use two or more contrasting furniture styles, you may need something to tie the room together.

A patterned rug, funky wall-hangings, or color-splashed pillows can often do the trick without taking away from the pieces that you have. Unique home furnishings can often be found at local boutiques, or even your neighborhood thrift store. You don’t have to spend a fortune to make your home look and feel rich. The right shades of wood, artistic touches, and personal touches can create the perfect combination in every room of the house. If you have a favorite funky accent you want to add, don’t be shy. Adding flair can be a fashionable way to personalize your home’s style.

Be careful that you don’t overload your home with too many busy patterns or colors with stark variations. The way to create a look of unity is to keep an underlying common ground. But, how you do that is up to you.

Mix and Match Furniture Styles Boost the Appeal of Every Room in Your House

If you are concerned that your decorating style lacks fluidity, the mix and match trends favorited by today’s hottest interior designers will make you feel at ease. Mixed-up furniture styles come across as perfectly put together when you put smart design strategies to work. What’s great about mixing traditional and contemporary furniture designs is that it works for every room in the house.

High functioning modern pieces offset by shabby-chic family staples can make a nursery feel deliciously dainty, yet efficiently mod. A mix-matched den makes a cozy place to entertain friends. While gathering in a dining room outfitted with a combination of furniture styles can make your house feel like home to family and guests.

Find Out the Latest Home Decorating Tips and Trends

Want to know what interior design styles are trending right now? Looking for the perfect layout for your family room? With our help, you can create a home that is fashionably inviting and perfectly put together in no time.

Our design experts stay on top of the latest and greatest trends happening in homes across the world. And, we’re happy to share our professional interior design secrets with you. So, how do you create the home you’ve always wanted? We can help. Find out tricks for arranging furniture, the season’s hottest new furniture favorites, and tips for making every room in your house come to life. We’ve got everything you need to know to keep up with today’s interior design trends.

Check out our blog for insider tips and trends to make your home shine today!

How to Combine Furniture Styles: Modern + Traditional

How to Master French Country Decorating


French country decorating is a delicate balance of sophistication and elegance with practicality and comfort. It is also at the peak of popularity for stylish interior decorating, gracing the likes of Elle Decor. Getting the right balance can be difficult to achieve if you don’t know what you’re doing.

Keep reading for seven essential tips to help you create the perfect French country home decor in your home.

1. French Country Decorating Color Palette

The main goal is to stick with light colors and lots of neutrals. Dove grey and creams are the dominant colors in your color palette for decorating in French country style. Use pastels like sage green, lavender, pale yellow, and robin’s egg blue sparingly as accent colors. Aim to use textures to break up the neutral colors.

Texture can be found in the upholstery, rugs, throws, pillows, and other textiles you fill your rooms with. Use plants to add color in a natural and unobtrusive way.

2. Whitewashed Wood Furniture

Real French country style furniture has been lovingly used and worn away from years of use in a French farmhouse. Buy whitewashed furniture to replicate this look of aged furniture. Look for pieces that are aged and avoid anything shiny and polished. If whitewashing isn’t your style look for weathered wood pieces made from oak or hickory.

3. Toile Print

It’s a weird name for a fabric that is instantly recognizable as French country style. It is usually linen fabric with a blue, black, or red print. The print will almost always feature florals, figures, and the French landscape. The design is intricate in detail and the pattern repeats across the breadth of the fabric.

You’ll find the toile pattern on all type of fabric uses such as upholstery, window treatments, bedding, pillows, and dining linens. The intricate design gives visual interest and depth to an otherwise simple palette of neutrals. Pair the patter with other more simplified textures and patterns. Stripes and florals are a solid choice.

4. Linen Fabric Sofas

Look for linen fabrics that will give a light and airy feel to your home. The linen will add texture to your French country home decor. Try using it as curtains to frame your windows. Use some to drape over your couch, loveseat, chair, or bench. Look for accenting pieces like linen pillows to add a touch of relaxed elegance. The idea is to add a touch of light warmth to the room.

Linen Sofa

5.Antiqued Furniture

The furniture you select should give you a sense of old-world sophistication. You will see furled wood trim, scrollwork in the details, and solid construction.Look for furniture that is in line with the French Rococo style. There should be a casual and neutral feel to the furniture you choose. The whitewashing effect should give the furniture a slight weather look. While the tufted upholstery gives the furniture a warm, inviting, and cozy feel.

Coffee Table

A coffee table in the style of country French decor is going to be inviting and cozy for your guests. As with the other furniture look for whitewashed wood. Sturdy construction is a hallmark of coffee tables made in this style. As is the tufted cushion on the top that easily functions as extra seating.

Tufted Leather Ottoman

Buffet Sideboards

Every traditional French farmhouse has a buffet or china cabinet to store the table linens and dishware. You can probably guess what comes next, look for a whitewashed one. The doors will usually have a lattice pattern to them. But you can also find them with wrought iron decorative work on the doors. For a touch of modern feel while keeping in theme, consider this buffet that is painted a delicate pale blue inside.

For a modern twist on the French country decorating, look for a bar cabinet. A solid hardwood with bisque doors is line with midcentury Paris decor.

Dining Tables

The French celebrate an inspired culinary and wine culture in their daily lives, without pretense or self-consciousness. This tradition is apparent in the kitchen as well as the dining room, where a great dining table is the essential stage for savoring and celebrating great food and wine with friends and family. A classic French country style dining table tends to be on the larger side, to accommodate larger groups and to function as a central meeting point for snacking and chatting as well as sitting down to formal meals.

French Country Dining Room


Items that are practical are key to the French country decor. Look for a sturdy bench that offers you a place to sit while dressing, or removing muddy boots in your entry. If you find a bench that has storage abilities you’ll be even more authentic while gaining storage in your home. Look for a bench that has tufted neutral linen upholstered on the top.

French country bench

Bed Frames

This is the perfect time to look for the intricate details and furled scrollwork we mentioned earlier. Look for a bed frame with curved silhouettes. A popular style these days is to choose a headboard and footboard that are tufted upholstered with a cream or neutral fabric.

French Country Bedroom Design

6. Botanical Elements

A key characteristic of French country decorating is to merge the indoor and outdoor together into one space. The idea is that your country cottage blends into the countryside. Hang prints of vintage floral prints as art on the walls. Accent the room with a couple potted plants. Use creative containers to pot the plants. A wooden milk crate or mason jars are perfect for adding a rustic feel to the plants.

7. Birdcages and Roosters

Roosters are a staple in any farmhouse so adding a few roosters to your kitchen brings that energy to your more urban abode. Look for a vintage, or vintage style metal birdcage to add a touch of whimsy and springtime to your country French decor. Use the birdcage to house one of the potted plants we mentioned earlier.

Birdcages that have a unique feature are perfect for this task. Look for one with a white finish, or paint one white. Choose a classic silhouette with wrought ironwork.

Choose Your Furniture Pieces

Look for sturdy wood pieces that look weathered or aged, preferably whitewashed. Large furniture items will have linen tuft linen upholstery and scrollwork detailing. Keep the color palette of your French country decorating to neutrals with touches of pastels or earth inspired tones. Use texture and patterns to add interest to the room. Look for the iconic toile patterned fabric to finish the window treatments. Finally, add accent pieces to the room such as potted plants and birdcages.

Start creating your French country haven at home today.

Patio Furniture: Cool Ideas to Try

Awesome Small Space Patio Furniture Ideas to Try

What happens when you love the great outdoors, but your outdoor space isn’t that great?

Decorating a small patio or balcony can be challenging. And with all of the commercials showing big showy patios, you might not even feel it’s worth it to try. But before you throw in the towel, be assured that there is small space patio furniture that could be the perfect fit for your little space. Furthermore, knowing how to arrange small spaces outdoor furniture can also go a long way toward sprucing up that patio or balcony.

What to Look for in Small Space Patio Furniture

More and more people are opting for smaller living spaces. And furniture designers and manufacturers are responding with scaled-down furniture selections just for those spaces. When it comes to finding the right patio furniture for that small space, ask yourself the following questions:

Is It Stackable?

Even with a small space patio set, there may not be much room for all four chairs at the table. There may not even be room for two chairs! Stacking chairs are one of the best ways to maximize small spaces. With stackable chairs, you can use only the chairs you need at the moment and keep the others close at hand, yet out of the way.

Plus, they’re easier to store for the off-season. And don’t assume that stackable means uncomfortable. There are plenty of ergonomic chairs that stack well, while still offering comfort and support. If you find some stackable chairs you like, you might even consider getting them in different colors to give your small space a splash of color.

Does It Fold?

We’re not just talking chairs here. If your space is very small, research outdoor patio sets with not just folding chairs, but with folding tables as well. Much as with the stackable chairs, when you’re able to fold your furniture, you can tuck it out of the way until you need it. Having foldable furniture makes off-season storage easier too. When you think about folding chairs, you might automatically think “uncomfortable.” Believe it or not, foldable patio furniture is very comfortable. And you’re not stuck with chintzy plastic.

Stylish outdoor furniture is available in a wide variety of materials, including a durable and attractive resin that looks just like wicker.

Can You Move It?

One of the biggest challenges of working with small spaces outdoor furniture is that you might have to move it around a lot. So when you’re picking out tables and chairs for your small space, skip the wrought iron. It may be cute, but aside from all the maintenance it requires, it’s gonna be a back breaker if you have to keep changing the configuration of your furniture. As we discussed above, small space patio furniture sets – foldable or otherwise – are available in lightweight, weather-resistant materials, and in a number of styles.

So whether you’re seeking sleek powder-coated steel, or something more homespun-looking like wicker, you’ll find it for your small patio or balcony.

How Will You Arrange Your Furniture?

When buying outdoor furniture, you need to consider more than just the above factors. First, consider whether your small outdoor space exposed to the elements, or is it covered in some way? Also, will your furniture sit on soft ground/grass or on a hard surface such as a wooden deck or pavers? Knowing the answers to these questions will help you choose the appropriate materials for your furniture.

Then once you’ve picked the appropriate light-weight material, the way you place your furniture is key when it comes to working with a small space.


Size matters. For example, while Adirondack chairs are comfortable and often stackable, they are big and blocky and might take up more space than you want. When you use smaller individual patio chairs, you have an easy way to control the size of each piece and determine exactly how much seating you want.


Tables are among the most versatile when it comes to furnishing your little patio or balcony. They come in a huge variety of sizes, styles and designs which makes it a lot easier to integrate them into your arrangement. Much like chairs, you can get stackable and/or foldable tables. You can also get nesting tables. And you can play with a lot of different sizes.For example, you might find a narrow outdoor dining table that can be folded up and stored off to the side when you just need two smaller accent tables.

You could also consider accent tables that include storage to add another level of functionality to your small space.

Sofas and Sectionals

You might be laughing at the notion of a outdoor sofa or sectional fitting into your small space. But depending on just how small your space is, you may actually be able to find a sofa, love seat or sectional with a slimmer profile that will help you save space. By placing these smaller pieces of furniture flush against walls or in corners, you’re going to free up more space in the center of your small patio.

There are even small patio furniture sets with adaptable outdoor sectional pieces that can be arranged in a curve or a semi-circle and with clever table wedges that fit right in without taking up too much floor space.


Smaller than a love seat or sofa, a simple bench offers a serious amount of seating in a small package. Again, look for one with a slim profile with a classic style that can be placed flush against the wall. To make the most of your small patio or balcony, choose a storage bench. That way you can store your patio accessories to keep them protected, while keeping your outdoor space neat and tidy.

Will You Need to Store It for the Winter?

If your balcony or small patio is a year-round affair, then you don’t need to be concerned with off-season storage. Otherwise, giving some serious thought to where your outdoor furniture will go in the winter should be high on your list. So if you opt for furniture that is neither stackable nor foldable for storage, you’ll need furniture that can either be covered when the weather takes a turn, or is versatile enough to be used indoors during those winter months. Something to keep in mind.

Summer is Coming!

So make the most of it. Outfit your little patio or balcony with small space patio furniture and get back to the great outdoors.

And for more creative ideas on decorating your whole home, check back with our blog regularly. We’re always updating with new tips and ideas!

Feng Shui Living Room Design Tips

Feng shui is more than simply rearranging the furniture in your room.

In fact, feng shui has origins in ancient Chinese principles of balance and environmental harmony. To achieve feng shui in any given room, it’s important to create spaces in which you can exist peacefully with your surroundings.

Luckily, maximizing the feng shui of your home doesn’t have to be challenging! It’s possible to transform your home spaces into areas that can maximize your own well-being – all without breaking the bank or taking too much time out of your day. In this post, we’ll address the top feng shui living room tips you can keep in mind as you go about spring cleaning this season!

1. Declutter Your Living Room

The central principle of feng shui lies in spatial harmony. Space is harmonious when everything within it has a purpose and exists comfortably with other objects. Thus, the first step of achieving living room feng shui is to declutter the space itself. Cluttered space can automatically influence your mental health, and not always in positive ways.

It can also disrupt your living room flow. Feng shui is also all about the power of chi, or life force, and its constant motion in and out of the spaces we inhabit. A messy or disorganized living room can automatically inhibit this flow.Begin by removing anything from your living room that is causing clutter. This could mean excess furniture, clothing items, boxes, or even wall decor. Move these items to another room in your home or donate them. Make sure you can move easily in your living room without tripping over things or having to reach for items. This is a good litmus test for achieving a decluttered space.

Feng Shui Living Rooms

2. Explore Color Therapy

Color plays a significant role in informing our own psychology. When it comes to feng shui decorating, it’s important to work intentional colors into your living room.

Feng shui living room colors may have to do with your room’s energy map itself, which we discuss later on in this post. But you can also incorporate colors that automatically invite a sense of balance and flow. Such colors are often on the lighter end of the spectrum. You may begin by painting your living room walls white, for example. Your feng shui decor may include a subtle palette of smooth grays, light blues, pale yellows, and blush. The color green or blue can also signify tranquility and well-being.

Besides painting the walls themselves, you can also use these color suggestions in pillows, furniture, wall art, and rugs.

Feng shui living room

3. Let There Be Light

Feelings of ease or balance often recall sensations of lightness. Feng shui is all about navigating your environment with respect and grace. As a result, you can achieve living room feng shui by creating a space filled with light. This may mean incorporating large windows–if you are at the construction phase–or installing gauzy rather than opaque curtains. Pale colored or white walls can also give a living room a sense of lightness, as can lightly-colored hardwood or tiled floors.

You may also want to install a mirror or two along the walls to make your living room feel more expansive. Consider hanging lights, lamps or mirrored furniture, too, for an ethereal lighting solution.

Feng Shui Living Room

4. Create An Energy Map

To truly target your living room flow, consult a feng shui energy map prior to decorating. This energy map is called a bagua and is designed to help you organize your living spaces with intention.

Using a bagua can be confusing at first. When you consult a bagua, you can identify what elements to incorporate in each of your living spaces, especially your living room. You’ll also be more informed about what colors to choose in your living room decor and how to arrange the space to maximize its feng shui.

bagua,feng shui

Thoth_Adan / Getty Images

5. Incorporate Functional Furniture

It’s difficult to feel harmonious with your surroundings when they don’t seem to have a purpose. Because feng shui relies on the power of intention, it’s important to be intentional with all items in your living room. This means incorporating functional furniture and getting rid of anything that is superfluous. It’s all right to include decorative pieces, but ensure that every item in your living room does have a purpose.

In many cases, this may invite a more minimalist living room design. Minimalist designs often promote greater energy balance because they automatically eliminate clutter. Look for furniture pieces that double in function, such as a bench that is also a storage container. These pieces can make a room feel larger and lighter.

Feng Shui Living Rooms

6. Organize Your Living Room

To maintain living room feng shui, keep the room organized and comfortable. Invest in reliable storage solutions that can minimize clutter and free up space. Floating shelves and bookcases are a great way to organize clutter and train the energy of a room to rise upwards. Bookshelves and closet organizers can also help make your living room more comfortable and promote healthy energy flow.

Seeking inspiration? Browse our living room ideas here.

Feng Shui Living Rooms

7. Honor the Feng Shui Elements

Whether or not you’ve consulted a bagua, you can still honor a room’s flow by incorporating all of the feng shui elements in the decor itself. These elements include fire, water, earth, metal, and wood.

In general, a balanced home will have an even spread of all of these elements throughout its living spaces. Make sure that your living room honors each element in some way. This may mean simply incorporating the physical elements themselves, such as a metal-backed chair, potted plant, wooden bench, decorative fountain, and candle.

It could also mean acknowledging each element with an image or color.

Feng Shui Living Rooms Decor

8. Generate Ease

All in all, your living room’s feng shui depends on your own ability to inhabit it with ease and well-being. Feng shui is often a two-way street in this regards.

If your living room currently generates a lot of stress or anxiety, modify the space so that it promotes ease and reflection. This may mean rearranging the furniture, but it may also mean a more drastic change, such as painting the walls or bringing in brand-new decor. Build living room feng shui simply by identifying solutions that will help you move around in a space comfortably and happily.

Feng Shui Living Room Ideas

Essential Feng Shui Living Room Tips

Feng shui is a powerful principle that can help you live extraordinarily in your own space. Achieve living room feng shui by choosing intentional color schemes, consulting a bagua, and decluttering the room.

Organization and purpose are key factors in a balanced room. Make sure that your decor reflects ease and harmony. Don’t forget about the importance of light for your feng shui living room, either.

At Zin Home, we are here to help you achieve harmony in all rooms of your home. Learn more about what we do today!

Eclectic Home Decor Style Tips

9 Best Eclectic Home Decor Ideas

Do you find yourself gravitating toward a variety of home decor styles?

You wish you could have rustic, chic and modern details in your home? You hate when rooms look too “matchy matchy”, with each item lacking its individual charm?

If you want to look outside of the box when it comes to home decor, eclectic may be your style. Eclectic home decor features different items in a cohesive and attractive way.

Though eclectic interior design combines different elements, spaces look best with cohesiveness. Otherwise, your home might end up looking like a bad case of hoarding.

But if done right, your eclectic home can have traditional, modern and artsy vibes. Keep reading for 9 tips to achieve that eclectic look in your home.

1. Keep Things Balanced

The last thing you want it to have your home look like unorganized chaos. You can still accent your decor with worn-in pieces without getting the “flea market” look. The best way to do this is to balance things out with modern pieces.

Achieve this by adding neat artwork with clean lines to a space that has overgrown plants. Or use a backdrop of bamboo blinds to counter a marble-topped coffee table. Another creative combination we love is modern meets rustic.

Keep balance in mind as you acquire new items. If you pick up a weathered vintage item, pick up a mid-century item to go along with it.

2. Practice Cohesiveness

One important key to achieving eclectic decor is not over-decorating. Look for ways to unify your room through a color scheme or another common element.

For example, you could choose items that are in a black-and-white scheme. This offers plenty of flexibility so that you can mix vintage and modern elements in one room.

When you have a color scheme, you can mix furnishings without creating a chaotic look.

3. Neutral Plus Color

If you prefer decor that has more color, start with a neutral foundation and add color with the furnishings.

It’s best to stick to one signature color that you implement throughout the room. A simplified color palette keeps your room cohesive and charming.

Don’t be afraid to play with textures like velvet. Adding a hot pink velvet armchair to an eclectic living room can easily become the highlight of the space.

4. Use the Unexpected

Did you find an item that seems to have its own personality? Throw it in that eclectic room! Eclectic decor is all about inserting unique pieces in the most unexpected ways. Try using a playfully patterned rug or an exhibit of artwork.

Display all of your favorite things in bold ways to personalize the space. An eclectic room is the perfect place to add those random items that a designer would appreciate.

5. Showcase Your Personality

Have a hobby that you want your guests to see? Now is the time! An eclectic space is the perfect backdrop to display your creative side.

This is an obvious choice for artists but you can even showcase beer caps or wine corks in a creative way.

If you are a lover of theater, try making your ticket stubs into a creative art piece. This is the time to make your home really look like an extension of you.

6. Establish a Mood

How do you want to feel when you walk into your eclectic home? Do you want to feel cozy, creative or relaxed? Establishing a mood will help set the tone for your decor.

If you want to go for an artsy mood, collect casual pieces. If you prefer a modern look, you’ll know to stick to geometric pieces. If cozy is your goal, then pick up rustic items with cozy textures.

Consider the feeling you want your styled space to convey. That whimsical tree-trunk table may not be the right choice if you’re going for a vintage look. Each item you bring to the room should support that overall theme.

7. Be Artistic

Pick a theme when building your space, but don’t be afraid to think outside the box.

If you have items that could use an eclectic makeover, do it. Upholster that old headboard in velvet fabric or add greenery tiles to your wall.

Consider putting an airy flower wall if your theme is more bohemian inspired. Entering a room that has uncontained creativity makes for a picture-perfect experience.

8. Don’t Forget a Focal Point

When you arrange your layout, take a step back and identify your focal point. Even with a variety of styles and periods throughout, there should still be a centerpiece in the room.

What is the first thing you notice when you walk into your room? Is the accent wall, fireplace or bold art piece?

If you can’t find anything that stands out, keep shopping! Your room isn’t complete without that eye-catching piece that your guests will all be talking about.

9. Keep Things Functional

Before you get too focused on your eclectic decor, remember that the room should still be functional. You still want to be able to live in there after your design is done!

Think of how you want to use a room to help pull a design together. Consider using mismatching baskets for storage or creative crates as bookshelves.

If you’re designing a dining space, be sure there aren’t too many knick-knacks on the table to eat. Don’t think of utility as a hindrance. You can use it in your favor to create new ways to use everyday items.

Design your Eclectic Home Decor Home

Though the word “eclectic” may make you think of chaotic design with no direction. It has become a creative and attractive way to decorate any room.

Use fine arts, period pieces, and unique finds to bring personality to your space can be simple!

You should pride yourself on creating a space that defines your likes and unique hobbies. Incorporate all those mismatched elements of your personality into your eclectic home decor.

Start shopping for eclectic furniture pieces! Go forth and be free to be as creative as you wish!

Checkout our favorite eclectic living room design ideas of 2018 below and let us know what you think!

Eclectic Reading Nook

Rustic live edge chair is matched with traditional Persian rug and eclectic artwork in this eclectic style reading nook.

Eclectic Reading Nook

Modern Eclectic Living Room

Craftsman style contemporary leather sofa is matched with coastal style chairs, industrial bookcase, Hollywood regency style bar cart and rustic coffee tables

Modern Eclectic Living Room

Rustic Eclectic Decor

Modern artwork matched with reclaimed wood sideboardmid-century modern club chair and traditional trellis rug.

Eclectic Bedroom Decor

Traditional Distressed Dresser is matched with French country style bench and cowhide rug.

Eclectic Bedroom Decor