NEW!! Eco-Friendly and FSC Certified Angora Collection !

Inspired by the “snowy mountain range” that runs 400 miles from California to Nevada, the Zin Home’s  Angora Collection combines the rustic charm of the natural wood and with contemporary design. Each piece is handmade, creating new life out of discarded and reclaimed wood. The hardware is crafted ofcast metal, while the wood is 100% FSC certified reclaimed and repurposed.

The Angora collection has the unique designation of FSC reclaimed. Built from salvaged woods no piece is ever the same.

Elegant, Refined and Reclaimed. The trestle-style Angora products are handmade from reclaimed solid old phone poles, old boats and shipping pallets. Angora exposes the knots and natural imperfections that make each unique and  subtly one of a kind.

  • Solid reclaimed wood
  • Sanded and finished with a clear sealer & wax.
  • 100% fsc certified.
  • Wipe to clean
  • Each piece is unique and no two are exactly alike.

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