White is the New Black

White On!!!

As people’s lives are becoming increasingly busy, and cluttered by technology, people are looking for ways to simplify their environments. One way that this is occurring is with choosing the simplest of colors for their furniture: white. White suggests a clean, open and breezy space, even when a room is limited in size. White furniture is popping up everywhere and for every room, from sofas and sectionals, bed frames to dresser, to accent chairs, to dining tables and sideboards. You’ll even find white beds are becoming ever more popular.

It’s not just the serene simplicity that is created by featuring white furniture in your home, it’s that you can use bold pops of color to show your personality while still keeping the overall look of the room simple. In most rooms, when displaying your favorite collection or artwork, but using white as a backdrop, each piece is highlighted rather than being overshadowed by larger furniture.

One of the best things about white furniture is that is that they work with everything, and instantly brighten up your space. If your concerned that the whites you choose must all be the same exact tone, don’t. Most spaces work well when you blend a variety of white, especially by using different textures. You might choose a white sofa, that has clean lines, and simple tufting, and pair it with a creamy-white leather accent chair. By choosing white furniture, you can make other decorative changes to your room, such a going with a different wall color, without having to spend money on replacing your furnishings.

Whatever pieces you choose, know that you can’t go wrong with white.

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