Belgian Style Furniture Is The New Shabby Chic

Belgian Style Home Decor is the new Trend

Lately, one design style that has become more prominent is known as the Belgian Style. One simple way to describe the Belgian style is to say that it strikes the perfect balance between the traditional and the contemporary. Upon further investigation, it can be noted that the pieces in the room are more polished than the Shabby Chic style. There is a rusticity to a Belgian-inspired room, and yet is just as beautiful as one that is more refined.

If you are intrigued, and would like to know how to decorate your home—or a room in your home—in the Belgian style, here are some key points to note:

  • Use a neutral color palette
  • Look for woods that are raw and unfinished
  • include pieces that are made of various textures
  • Intersperse antique furniture
  • Look for furniture that uses slipcovers and other loose fabrics
  • Select pieces that contain burnished metals

There is one thing stop keep in mind when selecting pieces to include in your Belgian-style rooms is that the design should have a restrained elegance. You should combine rustic elements with a modern feel to create a simple and clean space that is still somehow cozy and comfortable.

You can begin to do this by selecting colors that are soft and neutral. Colors such as soft browns, taupes and all shades of gray are the perfect palette. You should not include pieces that are bold or bright in color, but should instead create a depth in the room by selecting pieces with a lot of texture.

When hearing the word “texture,” you may wonder what it means to include and vary it with a room. You can do so by decorating a room with a linens, sisal rugs, and weathered or reclaimed woods. When you add Natural fibers such as linen, sisal, and weathered woods add dimension to this style of room. You can add another layer of depth by adding pieces made of burnished metals.

It may feel daunting to decide on the right pieces of furniture to add to your Belgian-inspired room, don’t fret. Look for pieces that have clean and simple lines, and do not have a lot of decorative details. That being said, pieces should not be dull. Look for antique armoires, chairs and benches in raw woods with strong lines and mix them with modern items, such as pieces that combine mixed wood and metal. Be sure that the upholstered pieces you choose are cozy and soft, which can easily be achieved by selecting ones with loose slipcovers and by adding comfy pillows.

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