How to Choose Furniture for Your Kid’s Room

If you think it’s time to update your child’s bedroom—to finally put away the last remnants of their baby-hood—you may feel overwhelmed as to where to begin. You could start by asking for your child’s input, but if your child is like most, the last thing they’ll want to do is go from store to store looking at furniture. So, before you waste money on furniture that your growing child may not ultimately like, you should ask them, and yourself,
a couple of key questions.

Rosalie Kids Vanity Desk - White

What kind of theme or personality do you want the kid’ room to convey?

There are a lot of furniture options out there, from traditional, to ornate, to completely whimsical, the possibilities can be endless. For your child, the important thing to remember is that the furniture needs to be visually enticing and fun. It should exhibit some aspect of their own personality. This will make them love the furniture more. However, because a child’s taste will change as they grow, be sure that the furniture you choose can grow with them. Many of the pieces in the Zin Home Kids’ line of furniture offer hidden compartments, charging stations, and built-in lighting—all features that a child of any age can use and appreciate.

Soho Kids Desk 54"What size furniture does your child need?

Grayson Modern Kids Twin over Twin Bunk BedThe size of the furniture you select needs to be appropriate for the size of your child. You should think about choosing pieces which can be used as they grow. Most furniture made for children, take the physical size of the piece into consideration. Ideally, your child should be able to easily reach and access their wardrobe, dresser, and bed. For some, you may think that a bunkbed is the ideal choice to maximize space, but you should pay attention to the ladder—how study is it? Is it attached? How wide are the foot rungs? Is your child comfortable climbing a ladder? The Zin Home Kids furniture offer many options when it comes to size of furniture, including dressers of varying sizes, and bunk beds that have full size beds on the bottomSoho Kids Twin Over Twin Bunk Bed, perfect for a growing child.

What kind of storage does your Kid need?

This is probably one of the most important questions because as with most kids, they have a LOT of stuff! Furniture with a lot of storage units is very convenient. Your children’s clothes, toys, and other stuff won’t be scattered all around their room. If space is limited in your child’s room, Zin Home Kids furniture offers under the bed storage options, and hutches that can be added to desks or dressers that won’t take up any additional room.

Soho Kids Bedroom Wardrobe Armoire.Rosalie Kids Twin Size Panel Bed - White

Kids Underbed Storage Unit

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