Patio Furniture: Cool Ideas to Try

Awesome Small Space Patio Furniture Ideas to Try

What happens when you love the great outdoors, but your outdoor space isn’t that great?

Decorating a small patio or balcony can be challenging. And with all of the commercials showing big showy patios, you might not even feel it’s worth it to try. But before you throw in the towel, be assured that there is small space patio furniture that could be the perfect fit for your little space. Furthermore, knowing how to arrange small spaces outdoor furniture can also go a long way toward sprucing up that patio or balcony.

What to Look for in Small Space Patio Furniture

More and more people are opting for smaller living spaces. And furniture designers and manufacturers are responding with scaled-down furniture selections just for those spaces. When it comes to finding the right patio furniture for that small space, ask yourself the following questions:

Is It Stackable?

Even with a small space patio set, there may not be much room for all four chairs at the table. There may not even be room for two chairs! Stacking chairs are one of the best ways to maximize small spaces. With stackable chairs, you can use only the chairs you need at the moment and keep the others close at hand, yet out of the way.

Plus, they’re easier to store for the off-season. And don’t assume that stackable means uncomfortable. There are plenty of ergonomic chairs that stack well, while still offering comfort and support. If you find some stackable chairs you like, you might even consider getting them in different colors to give your small space a splash of color.

Does It Fold?

We’re not just talking chairs here. If your space is very small, research outdoor patio sets with not just folding chairs, but with folding tables as well. Much as with the stackable chairs, when you’re able to fold your furniture, you can tuck it out of the way until you need it. Having foldable furniture makes off-season storage easier too. When you think about folding chairs, you might automatically think “uncomfortable.” Believe it or not, foldable patio furniture is very comfortable. And you’re not stuck with chintzy plastic.

Stylish outdoor furniture is available in a wide variety of materials, including a durable and attractive resin that looks just like wicker.

Can You Move It?

One of the biggest challenges of working with small spaces outdoor furniture is that you might have to move it around a lot. So when you’re picking out tables and chairs for your small space, skip the wrought iron. It may be cute, but aside from all the maintenance it requires, it’s gonna be a back breaker if you have to keep changing the configuration of your furniture. As we discussed above, small space patio furniture sets – foldable or otherwise – are available in lightweight, weather-resistant materials, and in a number of styles.

So whether you’re seeking sleek powder-coated steel, or something more homespun-looking like wicker, you’ll find it for your small patio or balcony.

How Will You Arrange Your Furniture?

When buying outdoor furniture, you need to consider more than just the above factors. First, consider whether your small outdoor space exposed to the elements, or is it covered in some way? Also, will your furniture sit on soft ground/grass or on a hard surface such as a wooden deck or pavers? Knowing the answers to these questions will help you choose the appropriate materials for your furniture.

Then once you’ve picked the appropriate light-weight material, the way you place your furniture is key when it comes to working with a small space.


Size matters. For example, while Adirondack chairs are comfortable and often stackable, they are big and blocky and might take up more space than you want. When you use smaller individual patio chairs, you have an easy way to control the size of each piece and determine exactly how much seating you want.


Tables are among the most versatile when it comes to furnishing your little patio or balcony. They come in a huge variety of sizes, styles and designs which makes it a lot easier to integrate them into your arrangement. Much like chairs, you can get stackable and/or foldable tables. You can also get nesting tables. And you can play with a lot of different sizes.For example, you might find a narrow outdoor dining table that can be folded up and stored off to the side when you just need two smaller accent tables.

You could also consider accent tables that include storage to add another level of functionality to your small space.

Sofas and Sectionals

You might be laughing at the notion of a outdoor sofa or sectional fitting into your small space. But depending on just how small your space is, you may actually be able to find a sofa, love seat or sectional with a slimmer profile that will help you save space. By placing these smaller pieces of furniture flush against walls or in corners, you’re going to free up more space in the center of your small patio.

There are even small patio furniture sets with adaptable outdoor sectional pieces that can be arranged in a curve or a semi-circle and with clever table wedges that fit right in without taking up too much floor space.


Smaller than a love seat or sofa, a simple bench offers a serious amount of seating in a small package. Again, look for one with a slim profile with a classic style that can be placed flush against the wall. To make the most of your small patio or balcony, choose a storage bench. That way you can store your patio accessories to keep them protected, while keeping your outdoor space neat and tidy.

Will You Need to Store It for the Winter?

If your balcony or small patio is a year-round affair, then you don’t need to be concerned with off-season storage. Otherwise, giving some serious thought to where your outdoor furniture will go in the winter should be high on your list. So if you opt for furniture that is neither stackable nor foldable for storage, you’ll need furniture that can either be covered when the weather takes a turn, or is versatile enough to be used indoors during those winter months. Something to keep in mind.

Summer is Coming!

So make the most of it. Outfit your little patio or balcony with small space patio furniture and get back to the great outdoors.

And for more creative ideas on decorating your whole home, check back with our blog regularly. We’re always updating with new tips and ideas!

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