Sojourn—Eclectic French Furniture

It’s sipping good craft beer, listening to Spotify and laughing with friends on a candlelit patio. It’s resting your chin on top of your four-year-old’s head – which smells of grass stains and garden dirt and watermelon juice – while … Continued

White is the New Black

White On!!! As people’s lives are becoming increasingly busy, and cluttered by technology, people are looking for ways to simplify their environments. One way that this is occurring is with choosing the simplest of colors for their furniture: white. White … Continued

Dining Room Sideboards & Buffet Decor

As you’re looking to design your dining room, you will most likely determine that you need a sideboard or buffet to complete the overall look and functionality of the room. You may think that a sideboard is something you might find … Continued

Remix Maison French Style Furniture Collection

This collection is meant for lovers of French style furnishings, Masion furniture collection brings together a unique collection of ultra-chic French furniture modeled after the most popular period pieces. Like a classic song that is transformed with the energy of a new … Continued

Live The Moment; Eclectic Living Room Decor

We believe design is personal. Express your style by mixing elements without wondering about the right way. Discover your inner curator. Today’s lifestyles require the perfect blend of comfort and sophistication. Sleek shapes make a bold design statement butt add … Continued

Fresh Routine; Modern Loft Bedroom Design

Modernity need not be at the expense of tradition. Traditionally crafted style can be modern and fresh. Use intuition to pair shape, color and texture with the character of your space. Surprise yourself. Modernity is throwing out rules to renew … Continued

Country Chic Decor: White Bedroom Furniture

Stylish without being ostentatious, Country Chic is both fresh and familiar. Equally at ease at a high-powered cocktail party or baby’s first birthday bash, the straight forward, simplified collection is designed with Gen X and Y in mind. Timeless silhouettes … Continued

Upholstered Furniture for Modern Living

Fresh takes on upholstery are focused on adding a softer edge to modern living — without sacrificing style. New shapes, new materials, and new functionality create an interesting mix of pristine refinement and casual comfort. Each design choice creates a … Continued

The Shape Of Comfort: Chairs, Sectionals & Benches

Home is where the comfort is. This year, we’ve applied our design-eye to the science of upholstery. New shapes and new materials support modern-day life with a fresh sense of loose, lived-in luxury. Clean lines and softened edges add a welcoming … Continued

French Country Oak Furniture Collection

Get inspired by Zin Home’s French country style furniture. European elegance meets rustic country and old-world charm to achieve the inviting style of country French country home decor. Striking the perfect balance of beauty and comfort, country French style easily … Continued