We Have Wild and Funky Rugs at Zin Home

We have wild and funky rugs to suit everyone’s tastes at Zin Home. Our funky rugs are functional and decorative, and amazing, if I say so myself. Choose our funky rugs to protect your floors and make a statement about … Continued

We Believe in Funky Rugs at Zin Home

We believe in decorating homes with funky rugs from Zin Home. Rugs should reflect your individual taste and eclectic style. We have a large selection of unique funky rugs. You’re sure to find something that catches your eye, and everyone’s … Continued

Bamboo Faux Leather Funky Rugs at Zin Home

We keep improving our selection of funky rugs at Zin Home. Check out our new collection of Bamboo Leather Rugs, a faux leather that will last for  years. These rugs are available in three sizes and eight colorways. The material is … Continued

Funky Rugs for Your Eclectic Home

You want some funky rugs for your eclectic home, but you’re having a hard time finding them. Then you’ve come to the right place. At Zin Home, we have a large selection of unique funky rugs. You’re sure to find … Continued

Funky Rugs for Cowboys and Cowgirls

Lookin’ for a funky rug, Pilgrim? One that’s durable enough for two-stepping in your favorite boots, yet soft and comfortable enough to lie down on by a crackling fire with your sweetheart? Then, check out our Cowboy Stripe Rug at Zin Home. … Continued

Ripple Shimmer Funky Rugs at Zin Home

The elegant, yet casual design of our Ripple Shimmer funky rugs makes it a popular choice. It has a classic look that translates well into many décor styles and comes in a great selection of colors. Each piece of the … Continued

Dreamweavers Rain Drop Funky Rugs

Our Dreamweavers Rain Drop funky rugs were inspired by the movement of rain droplets on water. Its organic design is a sophisticated look. It also features the softness and texture you’ve come to expect from our designer floor coverings at Zin … Continued

Mosaic Shearling Funky Rugs

Beautiful shearling funky rugs. Upcycled. Awesome. Our Mosaic Shearling Collection of rugs is one of our most versatile fur rugs, made from 100% upcycled sheepskin. We have a lot of experience with selecting fine furs and have garnered a reputation for quality. Our … Continued