We Believe in Funky Rugs at Zin Home

We believe in decorating homes with funky rugs from Zin Home. Rugs should reflect your individual taste and eclectic style. We have a large selection of unique funky rugs. You’re sure to find something that catches your eye, and everyone’s … Continued

Bamboo Faux Leather Funky Rugs at Zin Home

We keep improving our selection of funky rugs at Zin Home. Check out our new collection of Bamboo Leather Rugs, a faux leather that will last for  years. These rugs are available in three sizes and eight colorways. The material is … Continued

Funky Rugs for Your Eclectic Home

You want some funky rugs for your eclectic home, but you’re having a hard time finding them. Then you’ve come to the right place. At Zin Home, we have a large selection of unique funky rugs. You’re sure to find … Continued

Funky Rugs for Cowboys and Cowgirls

Lookin’ for a funky rug, Pilgrim? One that’s durable enough for two-stepping in your favorite boots, yet soft and comfortable enough to lie down on by a crackling fire with your sweetheart? Then, check out our Cowboy Stripe Rug at Zin Home. … Continued

Ripple Shimmer Funky Rugs at Zin Home

The elegant, yet casual design of our Ripple Shimmer funky rugs makes it a popular choice. It has a classic look that translates well into many décor styles and comes in a great selection of colors. Each piece of the … Continued

Dreamweavers Rain Drop Funky Rugs

Our Dreamweavers Rain Drop funky rugs were inspired by the movement of rain droplets on water. Its organic design is a sophisticated look. It also features the softness and texture you’ve come to expect from our designer floor coverings at Zin … Continued

Mosaic Shearling Funky Rugs

Beautiful shearling funky rugs. Upcycled. Awesome. Our Mosaic Shearling Collection of rugs is one of our most versatile fur rugs, made from 100% upcycled sheepskin. We have a lot of experience with selecting fine furs and have garnered a reputation for quality. Our … Continued