Why You Need a Little Steampunk in Your Life

“Steampunk” is a style of design that combines historical elements with old-fashioned technological features inspired by science fiction. Trends from steampunk can be found in all different kinds of mainstream furniture concepts.  The details found in these pieces are striking … Continued

Live-Edge Wood Furniture

What is Live Edge Furniture? You may have heard the term live edge and wondered what this latest trend in furniture design was all about. It’s simple, really. It’s referring to the wood that has been cut into it’s desired … Continued

Product Care: Reclaimed Wood Furniture

RECLAIMED WOODS People who take care choosing their furniture want to do everything they can to care for the pieces that they choose in order to be able to enjoy them to their full and in order to ensure they … Continued

Sojourn—Eclectic French Furniture

It’s sipping good craft beer, listening to Spotify and laughing with friends on a candlelit patio. It’s resting your chin on top of your four-year-old’s head – which smells of grass stains and garden dirt and watermelon juice – while … Continued

How to Choose the Right Size Dining Table

Choosing the right dining table can cause even the most self-assured designer to agonize over making the right decision. The most crucial decision to make first is deciding on the table size. For someone who loves to entertain, having a … Continued

Vintage Oak Playlist Furniture Collection

With the cohesiveness of your favorite albums and the adaptability to make it all your own, Playlist collection is the perfect combination of consonance and creativity.   Coordinated but not matched, this collection is comprised of classic transitional silhouettes that can … Continued

French Modern Furniture Collection

As lyrical as a mythological muse,  French Modern Furniture collection gracefully combines traditional forms with modern design elements.  Drawing inspiration from elements discovered in the vignettes of Maison & Objet, the booths of Paris flea markets, the shops of Chelsea, … Continued

Mix and Match; Eclectic Furniture

Modern & traditional. Vintage and contemporary. These may sound like strange bedfellows, but when it comes to mixing old and new, the only rule is there are no rules. Whether you’re moving into a historic home, bringing classic furniture into … Continued

How to Choose the Correct Dining Table Shape

When deciding on furnishing your home, one of the important choices that need to be made is the shape of the dining room table.  The table is an important part of the dining room – it is the heart of … Continued