Industrial Farmhouse Decor

Industrial Farmhouse Home Decor The words “Industrial Farmhouse” should conjure up the image of a rustic space with an edge. It will be an inviting space with lots of wood, metal, and an ever-present white. But don’t ever think of … Continued

Why You Need a Little Steampunk in Your Life

“Steampunk” is a style of design that combines historical elements with old-fashioned technological features inspired by science fiction. Trends from steampunk can be found in all different kinds of mainstream furniture concepts.  The details found in these pieces are striking … Continued

Live-Edge Wood Furniture

What is Live Edge Furniture? You may have heard the term live edge and wondered what this latest trend in furniture design was all about. It’s simple, really. It’s referring to the wood that has been cut into it’s desired … Continued

Industrial Chic Furniture for Modern Home Decor

Is your dream neighborhood a hipp combination of loft apartments, old warehouses, art galleries, and funky french cafes?  Then an industrial home decor may be just the right style for your space. Our passion is to play with style, and … Continued

Get The Look: Vintage Industrial Display Cabinet

A beautiful piece can transform any space — especially when it is used to express a unique personality or point of view. The impeccable Shadow Box Industrial Curio Metal Cabinet makes an excellent case in point whichever way you use it. … Continued

Industrial Reclaimed Wood Dining Table 85″

Our Industrial Reclaimed Wood Dining Table is made from hand crafted exotic demoliton hardwood, reclaimed railrod ties and reclaimed telephone poles. Fabulous character of Industrial Reclaimed Wood Dining Table originate from rustic distressing by nature. Imperfections from knots and drill holes. The … Continued