“American Flag” Patchwork Rugs

Show off some patriotic style with this American Flag Rug from Heaven Sends. The vibrant design brings a fun twist to any home, for a stylish finishing touch with a unique edge. Our patchwork rugs are made of salvaged parts of … Continued

Post-Modern Turkish Patchwork Rugs

Our patchwork rugs are made of salvaged parts of time-honored, traditional, hand-knotted Turkish rugs. Woven nearly a century ago, original antique parts are washed, re-dyed, and stitched together by modern-day artisans to create a unique artwork that not only has the … Continued

Black Friday Specials!

Gear up for Black Friday and check out our modern furniture from Zin Home! You can save up to 10% on the entire site by using the code “SAVE 10” but it is only valid thru 11/25. You can save … Continued

A Stylish Rug for a Green Home

Zin Home is a fantastic place to buy home décor online! If you have a green heart then this stylish eco-friendly rug is for you! Our Bamboo Shag Rugs come in many different colors and is softer and silkier than … Continued

Funky Home Decor

Pebble Chamois Rugs and Pillows Zin Home is proud to offer Dreamweavers Rugs and Pillows. A unique line of rugs, throws and pillows made from fabric, upcycled materials and a commitment to finding green friendly materials used in artistic and … Continued

How to Clean Your Rug?

Do It Yourself:  How to Clean Your Rug ? Before you contact us to get your rugs cleaned, I would like to share a few useful tips how to clean your rug yourself. I also would like to share my … Continued

Pebble Chamois Rugs and Pillows

Zin Home has a variety of trendy home furnishing that you will love! Check out this Pebble Chamois Rugs… The basic design of this rug is the same as our Pebble Chamois Pillows, so named because we think the shapes look … Continued

Rug Knowledge

HISTORY OF ORIENTAL RUGS The origin of the Persian knotted rug is shrouded in mystery. However, we do know that the earliest pile–woven rug dates back to the 5th century B.C. It was discovered frozen in a Scythian burial site … Continued

Rain Drop Rug

Zin Home has a variety of trendy home furnishing that you will love! Check out this Rain Drop Rug… it is inspired by the movement of droplets on water and gives a very sophisticated look. It also features the softness … Continued