Coffee Table Clearance Sale

It’s getting to be that time of year when we at Zin Home are all getting ready for Fall. Our fall-romance has made us decide to put much of our living room furniture on sale so that you can get … Continued

Introducing Eco-Chic Parsons Collection

Parsons collection is inspired by a time when wood furniture was joined to perfect by carpenters and cabinet makers who created pieces without screws, staples, etc. Our artisans have managed to recreate this effect in each piece of the bench-built … Continued

Introducing Eco-Chic Angora Collection

The new Angora Collection delivers a Western design influence and majestic beauty of the mountains, creating beautiful furniture for any home. Angora combines the rustic charm of the natural wood and with contemporary design. Each piece is hand- made, creating … Continued

Each Piece Of Salvaged Wood Furniture Tells A Story

Take a look at Zin Home’s salvaged wood furniture lines. This reclaimed wood is from solid old phone poles, boats and shipping pallets, each has its own history. What stories does this old wood tell? Where has it been? Dream … Continued

Reclaimed Peroba Wood Furniture

Peroba Rosa is a native hardwood tree of the southern Brazilian rainforest, but our wood is not harvested; it is reclaimed from demolished buildings, primariliy the exterior of dilapidated old barns.  Its wood is also one of the most durable, … Continued