Why You Need a Little Steampunk in Your Life

“Steampunk” is a style of design that combines historical elements with old-fashioned technological features inspired by science fiction. Trends from steampunk can be found in all different kinds of mainstream furniture concepts.  The details found in these pieces are striking … Continued

Live-Edge Wood Furniture

What is Live Edge Furniture? You may have heard the term live edge and wondered what this latest trend in furniture design was all about. It’s simple, really. It’s referring to the wood that has been cut into it’s desired … Continued

Industrial Loft Meets Modern Luxe

Add a Little Va-Va-Voom to That Uber-Chic Loft Space, Will You? Honestly, if I see one more too-cool-for-school ironic hipster loft featured with an unmade bed and a bunch of stuff made out of rusty pipes and oilcans, styled with … Continued

Just-Right Realism in an Eclectic Family Home

With 1,100 square feet, a modest budget and 2 young children, a San Francisco family embraces a creative DIY approach. Yes, this is my house. I decided to include it not because I think it’s perfect, but because it’s an … Continued

Planing The Thanksgiving Dinner Party

The dinner party. That private and personalized French-flavored venue for socializing over fine fare, whether the guests be your firm’s partners or your old college roomies. This setting can intimidate even the most veteran of hosts without planning (and, yes, … Continued