Best 2013 Zin Home Room Ideas

Our Architect Office is taking inspiration from the offices of early 20th-century French architect’s table from a bygone Industrial era.  Using only Eco-friendly materials, neutral colors and different elements. Understated elegance and fine are showcased in our sumptuous French Romance Master Bedroom.  Upholstered Beds … Continued

Planing The Thanksgiving Dinner Party

The dinner party. That private and personalized French-flavored venue for socializing over fine fare, whether the guests be your firm’s partners or your old college roomies. This setting can intimidate even the most veteran of hosts without planning (and, yes, … Continued

NEW!! Eco-Friendly and FSC Certified Angora Collection !

Inspired by the “snowy mountain range” that runs 400 miles from California to Nevada, the Zin Home’s  Angora Collection combines the rustic charm of the natural wood and with contemporary design. Each piece is handmade, creating new life out of … Continued